Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 9th, Part II

The Dog of the Restaurant, as you might naturally expect, lives in a restaurant. He can often be found curling up around the propane tank of the stove, exploring the sidewalk for tidbits, and lying underneath the tables laden with diners. One night - several days after the Ninth of March - he sat staring expectantly at a young child on table-top, her tiny hands filled overfull with food.

But that is a story for another night.

The Dog of the Stoop guards its stoop with an iron paw, keenly observing all and sundry in their comings and goings, ever-attentive lest the smallest transgression should escape his or her vigilant stare.

Hardy, the Dog, lives with Laurel. Also a Dog. At this point he has left the courtyard wherein they dwelt and ventured out into the street in search of fortune, food, and great adventure.

Laurel, the aforementioned other dog, posing in regnant splendor in front of the tools of Men being used to rebuild the fallen kingdom. The day will soon come...

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